Egli Hotel. The ideal family hotel in Andros.

Summer is the perfect period to visit Greek islands and the Princess of Cyclades knows how to offer you wonderful summer memories. Andros Island, just 2 hours from Rafina (the 2nd port of Athens), is considered one of the most ideal places for family holidays as it offers a unique combination of activities for the whole family and a wide variety of beaches. In Andros, you will meet the blend of the nautical tradition and culture with the luxuriant nature and will experience the artistic feeling which exuding its artistic corners.



On the central pedestrian street of Chora, with its typical Andriot architecture, we find a neoclassical building dating back to 1900 that houses Egli Hotel. Originally, it used to be the home of an aristocratic naval family of the island but from 1953 to nowadays it operates as a hotel. In 2010 the hotel underwent a radical renovation, but kept its man-made heritage intact. In recent years, the family-run Egli Hotel has new owners, who have preserved the impeccable hospitality of the area and added fresh refreshing notes with small personal touches.



Egli Hotel has a total of 9 spacious rooms, tailored to the needs of each visitor (up to four people for families). The style of each room is different but all are characterized by the soft colors and the majestic island decoration. Some of the rooms have a balcony and all feature large windows with traditional shutters.



The hotel's loyal friends, which are open all year round (rare for an island ...), have enjoyed a special breakfast in the last few years, which contains mainly local products from small farms. Depending on the season, you will enjoy soft Andros cheese, handmade pies, local heather honey, homemade spoon sweets and cookies and much more! Even if you have special dietary habits and keep up to date, you will not be complained. After all, Egli Hotel is now part of the certified members of the "Greek Breakfast" program, which is an initiative of the Greek Chamber of Commerce.

The hotel manages to combine modern with classic, as beside the wooden buffet with the embroidered chair, you can sit with your laptop and use the free (!!!) wi-fi internet in all rooms and the public areas. Do not forget to taste the handmade local Andriot liqueur that hotel offers in small vintage green glasses!


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