Summer in Naxos for family and kids

Naxos Island is located in the heart of the Cyclades and is the largest island in size while it is in itself a multitude of choices, activities and pleasures for the whole family! The all-white town of Naxos welcomes the thousands of travelers who arrive on the island. At the entrance of the port, we find the Island of Palaces and the most famous attraction of the island, Portara, the marble gate of an unfinished temple dedicated to Apollo. On this island the legend says that Theseus left Ariadne.


Chora, the capital of the island, has all the characteristic Cycladic elements. The heart of the city beats in the Old Town, the castle town with the cobbled streets and the houses with Venetian coats of arms and the Venetian castle. Inside the castle is the Archaeological Museum with rich finds from the Late Neolithic to the Early Christian Times, while the show is stolen by the excellent collection of Cycladic figurines.

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The ancient monuments and the medieval castles of Naxos are the ideal magical setting that can spark the imagination of children. The school children, but also the adults who accompany them, are impressed by the myths and legends of the island.

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Ideal for our little friends is the family atmosphere and the security provided by the island, with its beaches, which deepen very smoothly and have crystal clear waters. On the golden sand beaches children can play, run without fear, collect shells and build castles with their buckets.

10 activities for children to do in Naxos !!!


1. Swim, play and build castles in the sand

2. Take windsurfing or kitesurfing lessons (for teenagers and parents) with experienced professionals (!!) Note: Kite surfing is prohibited on the beach of Agios Georgios and in Laguna (lagoon) of Agios Georgios due to the close distance of the airport from the beach.

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3. Take riding lessons

4. Find out about the myths and legends that the island hides, tour its archeological sites, such as the Temple of Apollo, the Temple of Demeter, the Kouros of Melanes.

5.Ask professionals who rent bicycles or go hiking or mountain bike tours.


6. Visit the Geological Museum in Apeiranthos (!!)

7. See one of the many theatrical performances played on the island in the summer. Many of them are aimed specifically at children.

8. Take swimming and sailing lessons for children.

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9. Discover the summer cultural workshops for children (music and folk art and others that are organized every summer).

10. And of course visit the aqua fun water park (Especially this summer, contact them to find out if and how it works).

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Where to stay in Naxos

Naxos offers a wide variety of accommodation depending on everyone’s choices, especially for families. Find here more suggestions for your summer vacations with your kids in Naxos.


Naxos is also suitable for yachting, as it has a huge coastline with beautiful, windless coves, while the port has all the services for your boat. And this is just the beginning ... !! since Naxos combines escape to 4 other small islands. The small Cyclades as they are called Heraklia, Schinoussa, Koufonisia and Dounousa which offer a more "concentrated" holiday experience (!!) offering the luxury of tranquility without missing opportunities for a breath of adventure and a break from the carefree hours on the beach.


If you are hiking you can follow the marked paths to every corner of the island (Chora-Melanes-Halki, Halki-Danakos-Apeiranthos, Skado-Apollo etc.).

The route from Apeiranthos to Moutsouna beach through the old emery mines, dreamy images and unique landscapes accompany you on your way to the sea. In addition, the highest mountain of the Cyclades, Zas (altitude 1004 m.), And Fanari (altitude 908 m.) Offer mountaineering and mountain lovers special emotions. Going up to Za, a stop is required in the cave of the same name, at an altitude of 628 m., With the impressive stalagmites, a place of worship of Zeus in ancient times.


Reference points during the walk on the island the beautiful traditional villages of Naxos: the wonderful Apeiranthos, untouched in time, with a long spiritual and artistic tradition (five museums !!!)

Within walking distance of Panagia Drosiani (7th century) from the most beautiful churches in Greece (!!!)

The most picturesque mountain village Filoti, built on the slope of Mount Za, at an altitude of 400 m.

Very close is Panagia Protothroni (9th -10th century), the largest Byzantine church of Naxos, with exceptional frescoes. The fresco depicting the Virgin Mary with the rocket in her hand (Annunciation of the Virgin), in the niche of the sanctuary, is considered unique in the Balkans (!!!) According to tradition, it is called Protothroni because it is the first church built on Naxos, while it has been proven to function continuously since 1052 AD. (!!)

Be sure to visit the village of Sangri, which has Venetian towers and traditional windmills. The plain of Kato Sangri is also called "Little Mystras" due to the large number of Byzantine temples, most importantly Agios Mamas (9th century). A short distance from Sangri is the sanctuary of Demeter and Apollo (on the hill Gyroula), made entirely of white marble, of the 6th c. e.g. (!!!)

Venetian towers, witnesses of the Venetian presence on the island. a. An island with intense cultural movement, Naxos is distinguished for the multitude of alternatives it offers: traditional festivals and cultural events, among which the Naxos Festival in Pyrgos Bazaiou, an event with an international impact, and Dionysia, the cultural events under the high Municipality of Naxos that evolve throughout the summer and close solemnly in September with the Wine Festival and the Fisherman's Day. (For this summer, it is best to ask what applies to cultural events).

And of course, the Naxian products could not be missing from our tribute since they have conquered their own place in Greek cuisine. What to mention first! The excellent cheeses, the olive oil, the famous Naxos potato, the sweets of the spoon and the famous local liqueurs and the Naxian wine.

How to get to Naxos ...

From Athens to Naxos by plane: From Athens to Naxos by ferry via Piraeus From Athens to Naxos by ferry via Rafina To / from the islands of the Small Cyclades From Santorini From Mykonos: From Crete From Patmos, Ikaria, Samos, Chios, Mytilene, Limno, Kavala. (!!) The above information is subject to change. Please contact your travel agent or airline or ferry companies for specific information and itineraries (!!)


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