Volos Greece Family Travel - All the best "must visit" places!

Volos is an interesting destination choice for a family travel, but not only. Within 2 or 3 days you get to see the necessary sights of the city and family can find interesting options for each member. Kids will go crazy with the train of Pelion but also with the combination of mountain - sea. In short, you will have a wonderful time, young and old!



In 3.5 hours from Athens, on an easy route you will find yourself in the capital of Magnesia. If you want to make a short stop for the children to unwind, you can choose Kamena Vourla or shortly after Thermopylae and the Monument of Leonidas with 300. The Museum of Thermopylae is open during the winter period from 08:00 to 17:00 and 10:00-18:00 on weekends, while during the summer season on weekdays 08:00-19:00 and on weekends 10:00 - 18:00. Otherwise, stop at Kamena Vourla for lunch break in the taverns and walk by the beach.


Volos offers many options depending on your budget and you can choose a central hotel in the city or a hostel in the green mountain of Pelion. For detailed accommodation proposals and the most ideal solutions for families, click here


For the summer, the nearest area of ​​Volos with remarkable interest is definitely Agios Ioannis on the East side of Pelion. Unique combination of mountain and sea in a landscape of incomparable beauty. Below are some ideal accommodation suggestions in Agios Ioannis Pelion, a location ideal for families.

Kenta Beach Hotel

Kenta Beach Hotel enjoys a privileged location right in front of the seafront promenade and overlooks the main beach of Agios Ioannis, the oldest and most developed seaside resort of Pelion on the northeast coast. For reservations click HERE.

House Smaragdi

House Smaragdi is a traditional stone-built villa just 30 meters away. from the sea. The stone walls keep the place cool in summer and warm in winter. The 1st floor balcony and the large ground floor terrace overlook the sea. To make your reservation click HERE

Vergopoulos Oliveyard      

The traditionally built Eleonas Vergopoulou is 1.5 km away. from Agios Ioannis and 5km. from the center of Mouresi village, while providing direct access to Papa Nero beach. It is perched on a small hill and is surrounded by olive trees and plane trees. The famous beach of Mylopotamos is at 15 km. To make your reservation click HERE


To make your trip to Volos interesting, you should choose activities for both you and your children.


N. & S. Tsalapata Brick and Tile Museum (South Gate, 38334, Volos, Telephone: 24210 29844)

A well-designed space that deserves to be given due importance. A former industrial site, which has been transformed into a fully visitable museum and highlights the wider industrial heritage of Volos and Magnesia. The visit becomes particularly interesting through the moving and fixed models of the old factory, the levers and buttons that children are allowed to use but also the interior of the impressive oven for baking bricks and tiles. Do not miss the very useful description-narration of the employee at the reception (tip !!). The place also has a very nice café for a coffee or a snack, where you can see the locomotive and the wagons that transported the clay. The ticket costs 3 € and there are also reduced tickets (1.5 €).


Walk in the villages of Pelion 

At a very short distance by car you will find Portaria and Makrinitsa. In the villages of Pelion you can wander the cobbled streets and the squares with the huge plane trees. Do not forget to take a photo in Makrinitsa square, in the hollow of a plane tree taken from a Harry Potter movie scene and to buy souvenirs from the traditional shops!


Ride on the Moutzouris Train (Ano Lechonia, Telephone: 24210-39723)

A train ride is not an ordinary experience for children. Especially with Pelion's little train, as it is one of the few in the world that runs on railway lines only 60 cm! The enchanting route starts from the station in Ano Lechonia and with only a short stop in Ano Gatzea, ends at the beautiful Milies. Within 90 minutes, arched bridges, lush vegetation, narrow tunnels and all the beauties of the Centaur Mountain will unfold in front of you. Of course in Milies you can find everything to spend your time happily with the children. The Pelion train operates only during the period from Spring to autumn with only 1 daily route. Departure from Ano Lechonia is at 10.00 and return from Milies at 15.00.

The return ticket costs 18 €, while for children 10 €.



Majestic Sunset on Meteora Rocks Tour from Kalampaka

Experience an amazing sunset in Meteora and visit its monasteries on this VIP minibus tour. Marvel at the monasteries perched atop rock pillars, and stop to visit the interior of 1 or 2 of them before taking in one of the best sunsets in Greece. From € 35 per person. BOOK NOW

Meteora: Daily 5-Hour Highlights Tour in English or Spanish

Explore the amazing Meteora in 5 hours on a tour that runs in English or Spanish every day. Arrive in Kalabaka by train from Athens or Thessaloniki and meet your guide at Kalabaka Train Station. See all 6 monasteries, and visit inside 3 of them. BOOK NOW

Panoramic Meteora and Monasteries Tour from Kalampaka

On this half-day small-group tour you’ll visit Meteora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and home to 6 active monasteries built atop steep rocks. You’ll have the opportunity to visit 3 of the monasteries with your guide, traveling by VIP limo minibus. BOOK NOW




The trademark of Volos is unquestionably the tsipouro restaurants. Definitely worth a visit to feel the pulse of the city. Sunday noon you have to move early if you want to find an available table. In tsipouro restaurants you just order your tsipouro and the necessary accompaniments come automatically! As for children it may not be the most convenient ordering process, we suggest you a few more points where you can find more classic options for the whole family.

Kardamom (Makrinitsa, Telephone: 2428090131) Map

A well-designed space that deserves to visit.

Minerva (Argonauton 53, Volos, Tel .: 2421025452) Map

For coffee and ice cream in the old classic patisserie. Even if you are on a diet, you should try their baking paste and ice cream.

Myrtillo (Portaria) Map

Unobstructed view of the whole city in a very tastefully designed space for hot chocolate, with space for playing on the lawn and panoramic view of Volos. There is also a telescope you can use!



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